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We hire hackers and entrepreneurs. We want thought leaders who solve real world problems, make big impacts, and move fast.

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Reinventing Geospatial is the leading C3I innovator and geospatial expert in National Security. Our services include:

Thought Leadership

Enterprise, Solutions & Segment Architecture

R&D | Concept Prototypes

Agile Development

Spatial & Predictive Analysis

Content Management

    We deliver an Immediate ImpactTM for soldiers and analysts through an empowered team of critical thinkers who thrive on innovation.
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With two decades of specific intelligence, defense and aviation experience on our team, Reinventing Geospatial understands how to address new requirements and mitigate operational constraints. Up front in our engagements we know where we’ll find challenges and how to apply lessons learned both within specific projects and across organizations to continually improve both the process and user capabilities.



Our deep bench of engineers are leaders in the fields of geospatial and temporal aligned with web technologies. With a true understanding of the business needs behind the coding and a genuine desire for innovation, our engineers are incredibly efficient at delivering results.



Technology is a pocket away from 99% of our customers all the time. We are developing products that use mobile and web-based solutions enhancing your geospatial local, network, enterprise, and cloud implementations.


Latest News

RGi joins fight against ovarian cancer in honor of founding board member Carrie Gillotte

August 3, 2018

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) joins the fight against ovarian cancer, sponsoring a team of RGi’ers and family members who will cycle 300 miles from London to Paris in support of the Target Ovarian Cancer charity. Earlier this year, we lost...

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RGi turns 9!

July 18, 2018

Reinventing Geospatial®, Inc. (RGi®) celebrates its 9th birthday this week! Nine years ago, RGi CEO Stephen Gillotte formed RGi in order to simply “do better.” Today, the thriving company boasts a Best Places to Work title for creating an exceptional...

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