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bptwlogo2017Reinventing Geospatial is a fast-growing company that prides itself on using the latest technologies to solve difficult problems.
We provide excellent benefits and a family oriented, small business work environment.

Where do you want to work?
Aberdeen, MD Chantilly, VA Fairfax, VA Alexandria, VA
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Software and UI/UX Engineering Systems Engineering Systems Integration Systems Architecture Program Management Internships and Co-ops
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7 Openings

Title Description Location
Systems Engineer

RGi is seeking a well-rounded Systems Engineer with a proven track record in systems engineering, technical program management, software development architectures, and hardware.

Aberdeen, MD
Program Manager

RGi is seeking a Program Manager with Agile experience to lead engineering teams in support of Army Programs.

Fairfax, VA
DevOps Engineer/Systems Integrator

Candidate will work with an integration/development team and utilize best practices for integration and maintenance of complex systems.

Alexandria, VA
DevOps Engineer/Systems Integrator

Candidate will work in development teams and utilize an agile driven software development cycle to design and develop complex systems.

Aberdeen, MD
Software Developer Intern/Co-op

Candidate will support the geospatial implementation on various programs, and should have excellent interdisciplinary knowledge. Must be comfortable working on a team of 2+ Software Developers of various skill levels in a multi-team environment.

Fairfax, VA
Software Engineer

Candidate will work in development teams and use an agile driven software development cycle with continuous integration to design and develop software applications.

Fairfax, VA
Technical Lead

RGi is seeking a Technical Lead with Agile experience to lead an engineering team in support of the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (DCGS-A) Program. The Technical Lead serves as a consultant to our clients, and should be an exceptional problem solver and have a strong business acumen which will drive solutions to enhance our client’s overall business performance.

Fairfax, VA

Benefits and Perks

We work hard to keep our employees healthy and happy, which is why we offer generous perks in addition to 100% company-paid health and dental insurance.

Free food

Need caffeine? We’ve got you covered with a kitchen full of sodas, coffee and tea. Need food? Friday breakfast is on us! We enjoy bagels, eggs and fruit together each week.

Fun at work

From bean bag chairs and stand-up desks to an interactive gaming station, there is a ton of entertainment around the office to keep work fun.

401(K) matching

We help you plan and save for retirement with a 401(K) matching program that’s available on day 1.

Work/life balance

Our casual yet professional environment means employees have the best of both worlds. We offer flexible work hours, tuition assistance and 3 weeks of paid time off your first year.

Annual events

We are creatures of habit, and love having some annual events to look forward to such as horse races, tubing trips, cycling events, picnics, ballgames and even trips to the Caribbean.

Our worlds collide

Our work family is an extension of our family at home (including pets!), and we bring the two together on a regular basis.
Don’t just take our word for it – visit us on Facebook and see first-hand some of the fun our team has together.