Michael Szaszy

Mike is a full-stack application architect/engineer at Reinventing Geospatial, Inc. (RGi), working with customers to mine their geo-temporal data to enable more rapid exploration and understanding of their data holdings. Mike has led research and development efforts at RGi exploring a range of different problem domains including using machine learning for computer vision, trajectory data mining, and knowledge graph induction. He has experience designing, implementing, and optimizing complex systems including databases, distributed systems, and large service-oriented applications, and takes pride in bridging the gap between basic and applied research.

Prior to joining RGi, Mike had six years of experience working in private industry designing and developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) during which time he simultaneously completed his graduate degree.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys:

  • His wife, child, family, and friends
  • Casual, non-toxic, video games
  • Racquetball
  • Keeping up-to-date with academic research and industry trends

Mike holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Penn State University, an MS degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, and a CompTIA Security+ certification