Morgen Szaszy

Morgen leads Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.’s (RGi’s) Human Resources Department, where she works hard to create and foster a great life experience for all RGi employees through recruiting, onboarding, benefits, and personnel security activities. Morgen is passionate about creating a positive (and fun!) environment for all RGi’ers.

Prior to joining RGi, Morgen worked in various Office Management and Administrative Support roles.

Outside of work, she spends her free time:

  • Playing with her young daughter…and cleaning-up after her young daughter
  • Reading
  • Roaming the aisles of Target (honestly, how can anyone go in there and buy ‘just what’s on the list’??)
  • Watching anything on Bravo

Morgen is a proud alum of James Madison University (Goooo Dukes!), holding a BBA degree in Marketing with a Minor in Human Resources Development.